New Format!

After 40 episodes, Chris and DJ decide to try something new. In this episode, DJ talks about having his first child, and Chris talks about having his ...View Details

Jackalope Brewing Company

The guys continue their tour of Nashville with a stop at Jackalope Brewing to interview the founder, Bailey Spaulding, and COO Steve Wright. They disc...View Details

The guys continue their Nashville adventure with a stop at The Black Abbey Brewing Company. Carl Meier, one of the founders, joins Chris & DJ for ...View Details

New Heights Brewing Company is one of the many hot new breweries to take the stage in Nashville's craft beer scene. In this episode, Chris & D.J...View Details

"What's with that diner on Central and Summit Hill?" was a big question in Knoxville until late last year. Merchants of Beer (MoB) brings a much-need...View Details

Elkmont Exchange

In this episode, Chris & DJ trek all the way to Broadway in downtown Knoxville to visit Elkmont Exchange. While on their craft beer adventure, the...View Details

Brawny Beers Festival

The summer is over, and beer festivals are fewer and further between. But fret not! There's a new festival in Knoxville to satisfy your winter beer fe...View Details

Chris & DJ continue their tour of Murfreesboro with a stop at Mayday Brewery. There they spend some time drinking beer and talking with the founde...View Details

Thanks to our sponsorship with TN Craft Beer Magazine, Chris & DJ traveled Murfreesboro, TN for an adventure so epic that we've decided to do thre...View Details

Robert Gomez from Craft Distribution Co. sits down with DJ & Chris at Pour Taproom to talk about the challenges of being a small craft beer distri...View Details

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